Faces of Expression: A Human Canvas

16 April - 6 May 2024
"Faces of Expression: A Human Canvas" highlights figurative expressionism from the Middle East and North Africa, presenting artists who share personal stories through their cultural and experiential lens. This exhibition reveals the universal power of art to connect and transcend, featuring a spectrum of techniques and narratives that showcase the region's artistic diversity. It invites viewers into a world of emotive storytelling, celebrating the resilience and depth of the human spirit across geographical and cultural boundaries. Join us to explore and appreciate the profound storytelling through art in the MENA region.
"Faces of Expression: A Human Canvas" Exhibition by Ismail Al Rifai, 

Elias Ayoub, Nawar Shartouh, Shawki Youssef From April 16 to May 6, 2024 at AZAD Gallery, Cairo.