Oil Color Workshop : By Fabiano Millani

25 - 26 November 2023 
*Oil Painting Workshop with Fabiano Millani: Exploring Portrait Art*
Join us for an enriching workshop with renowned artist Fabiano Millani, born in São Paulo, Brazil, known for his exceptional oil painting skills. Discover the intricacies of his personal technique and embark on a creative journey in the world of portrait art.
*Workshop Details:*
- *Custom Color Palettes:* Each participant will receive a customized color palette, prepared by the artist according to his personal technique, which will be explained during the workshop.
- *Canvas Preparation:* Learn the importance of preparing the canvas surface. Using sandpaper, participants will create a smooth canvas, following the artist's demonstration.
- *Portrait Painting:* Fabiano Millani will guide you through the process of painting a captivating eye, sharing techniques such as blending and color matching.
- *Individual Critiques:* The artist will provide constructive critiques, individually reviewing each participant's work, ensuring valuable feedback and guidance.
- *Complete Portrait:* Witness the gradual transformation of the eye into a full portrait as the artist shares his expertise and insights.
- *Certificate of Completion:* Participants will receive a certificate of completion to commemorate their journey in the workshop.
This workshop is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of oil painting with the guidance of a talented artist. Explore the nuances of portrait art, refine your skills, and create your own masterpiece under the expert tutelage of Fabiano Millani.